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We are pleased to welcome new & returning customers, friends and guests to our website. 


 We are Angel & Ken Lo, a husband and wife design team. Angel is the Floral designer and the proprietor of the store. You will always see her afternoons and evenings at the store. I, Ken Lo, are her husband, I work more behind the scenes, providing artwork, tea ceremony sessions and stocking the whole leaf Hgih Skill Teas and Tea Ware for the store. I am the Grandmaster of Wu Mei Kung Fu. Please visit my website: (www.wumei.com). I am a Feng Shui Master and am available for Feng Shui Design consultations and personal Destiny Readings.

Our store is centered around a classical Chinese artistic model of the Literati Artist-Scholar. Naturalness and assymetry, with a balance of the Five Elements and the Eight Trigrams. Angel's flower arrangements combines fluidly, fresh new cultivated flowers with wild harvested plants and flowers that surround our Upstate Hudson Valley home; creating unique arrangements that cannot be duplicated by commercial florists.  She uses many varieties of wild moss, stones, and small plants that we gather from the Hudson Valley to create a true display of the beautiful countryside around our country home. It is her way of sharing our bucolic natural lifestyle.  She custom designs bouquets for all occasions: Funerals, Holidays,Weddings and special someones. She really enjoys brightening the day for her customers.

She has earned her five stars on Yelp in spades for providing exceptional customer service by custom designing each floral arrangement with her customer's input and delivering at all hours of the day and night. She delivered her last Valentine's bouquet at 2am this past Valentine's!

Angel is preparing the store to be a Tea Lounge! The store now has a private Tea Salon and seating in all parts of the store. She will serve herbal, popular, and whole leaf Chinese Teas in individual servings in glass Mason jars or in pots to enjoy many servings in a calm meditative atmosphere of fresh flowers and plants. 

Classes in Terrarium building, flower arranging and Chinese Chi Gung are lead by Angel and arranged by appointment.

Classes in Chinese Ming Dynasty Style Tea Ceremony and Tea Art, are held at the shop or upstairs at our home on Sunday afternoons or Wednesday evenings. This is a perfect time to enjoy the most exquisite & rare Chinese High Skill Whole Leaf Teas surrounded by Chinese Calligraphies and paintings, while learning about Chinese classical culture and art.

All around the store you will find decorative objects, and Tea ware, home made small batch jams & jellies from friut picked wild on our country property and made totally naturally by Ken, a trained Chinese Chef.

During the cooler seasons, Ken makes Artisanal small batch chocolates using no refined ingredients that are pure and rich in roasted cacao and sweetened by Jaggery Cane and Raw local Honey.

 We hope you will visit the shop soon!

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