About Us

Chrysanthemum began as a dream of Angel to have a shop filled with flowers, plants, Art and beautiful objects.  Her husband, Ken offered his skills in Chinese Tea Ceremony, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Feng shui, Art and Cooking to create a lifestyle destination that is our shop on Washington Ave, where you can take a class, have your fortune told,  or experience the Chinese Tea Ceremony. 

Chrysanthemum  offers a collection of Fresh cut flowers, Rare Teas, Exotic Plants, Art, Home goods, Handmade Chocolates, Jams & Jellies, all informed by the aeshetics of the Chinese Tea Ceremony.  Our Washington Ave shop is an oasis of natural tranquility in an urban setting.  Here you will find Antiques, Art objects, and Tea Ware.  Stop by and browse the store or make your purchases online.

Our Floral Designs follow the Feng shui principles of the Duality of Yin Yang, The Trinity of Heaven, Humanity and Earth, the cycle of the Five elements and the Harmony of the Eight Trigrams, to create unique, natural arrangements with both dried and fresh ingredients. We buy locally and harvest our own wild botanicals from our own Hudson Valley Country property as well as nearby farms. Weddings and Events, Restaurant Accounts and Corporate Accounts will merge our design aesthetics to our clients needs and preferences.

Resident Tea Master Sifu Ken Lo will have a Ming Dynasty Chinese tea salon within the shop. He will perform the Cha Dao Tea Ceremonies within an intimate scholar's setting embodied with poetry, original art and natural elements for a tablescape of quiet grace. He will provide specialized  instructions on the best methodologies to bring out the true nature of the High Skill Teas. Classes of Chinese Tea Culture, Tea Appreciation, and Tea Tastings are held regularly in the shop.



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