Destiny Readings

 Sifu Ken Lo trained with Feng Shui Master Eng Seurng Gwoo since 1990, and Grandmaster Hseih Peng since 1973.

Master Lo performs all readings by appointment. Call or text him directly at: 917 885-8598 

Face Reading: The shape of various sections of the face will tell your experiences in each decade of your life.  The face detremines your aptitude, skills, and abilities. Thirty minutes: $65.

Palm Reading: your feelings, emotions, your intellect and aspirations, health, fame, fortune, romance and fate are all written in the lines of your hands.  Learn what you can and cannot change in your life. Thirty minutes $65.

Handwriting Analysis: What you may hide from yourself is revealed by the unconscious shaping of words on a page of your handwriting.  Learn how your personality, behavior, energy level, and your role in the world are all reflected in unique handwriting. Thirty minutes  $65.

All three Readings combined will give Master Lo and you the most complete picture of who you are and where you are headed in life.  Cross references Face, Hand and Writing will validate your destiny.  Highly recommended.  Ninety minute Session: $165.