Sifu Ken Lo's Art

 Our Resident Tea Master, Sifu Ken Lo began the study of Chinese Calligraphy with his Tea Master, Luo Chien Wu in 1990.  Sifu Lo follows the Calligraphy tradition of Master Calligrapher: Leon Long Yien Chang and creates calligraphic works of the Chuan style of Chinese writing dating from the Shang Dynasty 1700 BC, which is the very first Chinese writing utilizing pictographs with abstract symbols. From this classical base, Sifu Lo creates paintings of natural objects like vegetables, friut, and fish.  He is a trained poet under Dr. Lo Wai Luk, PhD. and sometimes includes original poems in his art works. The Chinese philosophic concepts of naturalness, figurative expression, spirit, and form are all contained in Sifu Lo's work. All pieces listed for sale are original one of a kind framed works of art signed and dated by Ken Lo.