• Cha Dao: Chinese Tea Ceremony

    Chrysanthemum: Rare Tea & Flowers

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    Beginning in the Ming Dynasty Whole leaf tea, picked by hand was found to release their essence slowly in waves of complex aromas and tastes reminiscent of flowers, grass, earth, caramel, and fruit.  Brewed quickly in Small clay Yixing pots, our Chinese Tea Master Sifu Ken Lo, will host a small number of guests around a tea table in a tea salon surrounded with his personal collection of Tea Pots, Tea Pitchers, Gaiwan, Tea implements and Calligraphies, Paintings and Sculpture. Within Chrysanthemum Rare Teas and Flowers, by appointment you can be transported into the world of the Chinese Literati Scholar Painter and learn about Chinese Tea Culture and lore while enjoying exquisite rare teas from Master Lo's private collection. The Tea Ceremony will last two hours in order for the guest to leave the mundane world behind and be transported into the high art of "Gung Fu Cha", High Skill Tea. Teas served are from Master Lo's most prized personal collection which range in value from hundreds to Thousands of dollars per pound.  Considered a meditation, guests will leave the ceremony calm, alert, sensitive, euphoric, inspired and refreshed.

    Book Sessions for $65. per person prepaid on Sundays 4-6pm, Mondays & Tuesdays 1-3pm, Wednesdays & Thurdays 11-1pm  or by appointment.

    Call Angel for details: At our Store: 347 955-5401

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