High Skill Whole Leaf Teas

A curated list of whole-leaf teas from Tea Master Sifu Ken Lo that is representative of the great variety and depth of the High Skill Teas of China.  Difficult to find commercially at this grade level, these teas all possess unique, unforgettable aromas that are layered and appear in waves that fill the air spaces in the head, transporting the tea lover to heavenly realms of blissful tranquility and peaceful joy.  The tea broths are complex, and reminiscent of memories and yet surprisingly novel; remaining on the palate long after the last sip is done.  Selected with the refined, skilled palate of Sifu Lo and the Grand Master, Sigung Luo's highest standards.  Each tea is a journey of the senses that transport one to the world of Cha Dao tea culture.  These teas are meant to be enjoyed through the Cha Dao Tea Ceremony which can be scheduled at Chrysanthemum on Sunday afternoons, Monday and Tuesday Mornings or Wednesday evenings.  If you are presently using the "Gong Fu" High Skill Tea method, these teas will be excellent additions to your tea collection.  If you are not familiar with High Skill Tea brewing, please call Chrysanthemum: 347 955-5401 to arrange for classes in Cha Dao Tea Ceremony before purchasing these teas. Classes available by appointment.