Chrysanthemum: Rare Teas & Flowers

  • Chinese New Year January 31, 2014 Year of the Wood Horse

    For Chinese New Year, Wear some new clothes, wish wonderful things to your friends and family, have a feast.  Decorate your home and office with a fresh bouquet made by Angel at Chrysanthemum. Have a sweet taste in your mouth from Ken's Organic Chocolate Bark or Truffles.  Attend one of Chrysanthemum's Tea Ceremonies and start the year with exquisite tasting teas. The Year of the Wood Horse is the perfect time to make new friends and make more money. Wood represents growth, so you can grow ideas, business, relationships and fun! The horse is a sociable animal and a hard working one.  Hard work leads to financial success, so find ways to earn more this year!  Angel & I wish you great fortune and success in the Wood Horse Year!
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